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By Shamira Nawal, Oahu, Hawaii:

Sahari’s entrance to my class was one of a born star.  She exuded an amazing glow of excitement, a healthy dose of respect for Arabic dance cultures, and a fascination for the Shamira Technique™ course of study.  Never once did she shy away from trying new dance steps, from opening her mind to possibilities, or from fully supporting her belly dance sisters.  Her awareness of self, assuredness of body and spirit, and centered heart brought her through struggles with a new dance style, challenges of learning stage / theatre presence, and finding her own uniqueness as a dancer and an actor.
I have been blessed to have played a special part in Sahari’s personal growth through the dance, but her sheer talent, beauty, and generous nature have served her well to blossom into a truly lovely dancer and instructor.  Her compassion and passion work hand in hand resulting in her special expression of music through dance, and she has mastered the art of the exotic beauty that is the very essence of a true belly dancer.  I shall count her among my greatest successes, and among my greatest friends, for life...

"So much fun to work with you at Rakkasah! Fabulous dancing! Looking forward to playing for you again sometime."
~Carmine Guida

" I admire your patience and ability to get your point across. Not all of us are meant to be dancers…but you make us feel good about ourselves and others. Our troupe has come together as a team and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you for everything……and then some!!!
 I Know I speak for everyone when I say, “You’re GREAT as a teacher and an inspiration to watch dancing”.
Your student and friend,
~Robin Coak "Kareemah"

"Sahari style of dance is passionate. She takes the music into her soul and brings it out in her dancing. Sahari is a beautiful dancer and wonderful person. Sahari Soul says it all!"

" Sahari is like a breath of fresh air. Coming to her class was like escaping to an oasis. I looked forward to dancing with her and the class. Everyone brought a diverse experience to the class and a need to be there, to learn and escape.
 Sahari’s dedication is demonstrated at all times from the first to the last day; from minute she begins to the minute she ends. She gives you a rush of goose pumps when she dances and makes you feel like you can do it. I was always confident by her side because she made you feel just that. There was no “I can’t with her”. She is positive and not pushy. She is friendly and confident about you."
 ~Janelly Taveras-Marmol

"Sahari is an engaging and lively performer. I have been fortunate to have
seen Sahari perform on stage at various venues, both large and small.
Sahari exudes confidence when she performs. Her student dancers are a joy to
watch also."
~Michele Rabushka Lysik

"I have been privileged to know Sahari for almost two years, and have many wonderful things to say about her.  I have seen her perform, taken her workshops and classes, and worked on events with her.  She dances with sensuality and spirituality, and whether she is performing or teaching, she always exhibits professionalism. I seen her giving spirit, evident in her dancing and the way she shares her knowledge with others.  She is talented and hard working and I always know that if Sahari is involved in a project, she will put effort into making it the best possible."
 ~Claudia Wiersch

"Watching Sahari dance is like taking a magic carpet ride into another place and time, into a world of exquisite beauty and a garden of delight."


"Sahari brings out the belly dance diva in dancers of all skill levels. Classes are energetic and fun! Even the shiest novice will come away with moves that impress and a smile on her face."
~Sandra “Soroya”

"Sahari is an excellent teacher and truly talented belly dance performer.  She has spent years learning, practicing, and immersing herself in the art of belly dance and it comes through in her classes and performances.  Sahari's passion for belly dance is contagious!  She is also an open and fun person to be around and her classes are very popular.  I consider it a gift to be one of her students and an original member of her dance troupe, Souls of the Sahara."

 ~Andrea "Mirit"


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